Continuing in on the comparison of Microsoft and Apple’s approach to content marketing was Twitter. A platform that allows anyone to tell a message in 140 characters. Microsoft and Apple being juggernauts in the information technology world, it was interesting to use them for this case study. This time, Apple content was looked at first, and turned out to be a huge bust in the content marketing arena on Twitter:

Apple Confirmed Official Twitter Page Landing Photo – downloaded 10/15/2017

This was again the only content provided, with no additional marketing or even a flicker of any additional content marketing. Not a single solitary tweet on the official company page, and yet 1.43 million eager followers who had followed them. With no content to report on, next up to compare was Microsoft.

This photo followed the marketing strategy across platforms from Facebook (which was examined first to this site), and 8.25 million followers appear to prove that their 13200 tweets had warranted a few more followers than Apple on this platform. A couple other key differences in Microsoft’s approach here included:

  • Re-tweets of content posted by other Microsoft quoted or affiliate sites
  • Active content such as videos, and news of people implementing Microsoft strategies
  • Cool content on AI and other need educational news articles
  • Diverse content on a myriad of topics so the content remains fresh and relevant

When comparing Apple and Microsoft on the basis of their Twitter content, Microsoft would win the content marketing award hands down. The engage with the followers which is the premise for this platform, retweet relevant content not just their original items, and engage other communities within the platform. This makes for a wonderful gathering place of information for anyone wanting to know things about the company, coming releases or wonderful host of products impacting various industries. On this platform Microsoft follows the 50/50 rule of content marketing to perfection.