The decision of when to take a pregnancy test can be pretty elusive at times. While the typical pregnancy signs can be often the catalyst to taking the much needed pregnancy test, sometimes it befits of say that the type of test intended can also determine when to take the desired pregnancy test. Continue reading to find out more information.

Types of pregnancy tests.

The most common pregnancy tests the world over would include either of the following;

  • Urine HCG test
  • Blood tests

Urine HCG test

It is the most commonly used of all pregnancy tests. The urine HCG test involves the use of specially designed strips that test the amount of the gonadotrophic hormone in the urine. The hormone is usually produced in high amounts during the formative stages of implantation.

  • This test is more effective in the fifth to seventh day of implantation. Pregnancy tests using the method are therefore to be undertaken in the second week of implantation for concrete results.

The use of the Urine HCG test involves strips. One line on the testing strips would mean that one is not pregnant while two lines would most probably imply that one is pregnant. Cases of wrong results due to hormonal imbalance in the body are however not uncommon in the use of the above pregnancy test.

Blood test

The use of the blood test is perhaps the most accurate. A blood test would show the presence of a developing pregnancy as early as two days after implantation. The use of this method can be used any time from time of implantation. However, more accurate results would usually occur three to four days after time of implantation when the amount of progesterone in the body system is decreasing and the gonadotrophic hormone is on the rise.

  • The blood pregnancy tests usually involve the testing of the amounts of human gonadotrophic hormone per unit of blood. Higher levels would usually be concrete proof that one is pregnant


There are a large number of pregnancy tests in use. However, the best time to undertake a pregnancy test, if the type of test is considered as a factor to the choice of time would be between one and two weeks of implantation.